Mask Wearing Instructions

Before using the mask for the first time, wash the mask with laundry detergent (DO NOT use bleach or iron the mask). Air dry to preserve shape of the mask.

Use both hands to pick up the mask by the ear loops, ensure the letter on the back matches your left (L) and right (R) side. Bring the mask up to the face, covering the bridge of the nose down to the chin. Avoid touching the mask itself. Slide both hands back on each side of the face and place one ear loop strap over each ear.

Open upper flap to cover your nose. Using both hands bend the embedded nose cushion to fit snugly across the bridge of the nose and onto the face.

Open lower flap to cover your chin. Slide the size adjustment tab (strap barrel) along the ear loop strap to ensure a firm but comfortable fit. To remove mask, grab ear loops only and lift the mask off ears. Store the mask in clean storage for re-use or clean the mask following instructions below.



Mask Cleaning & Care Instructions 

  1. Hand or machine wash with non-allergenic laundry detergent. DO NOT use dishwashing detergent as many contain natural or synthetic bleach that can fade the mask.
  2. Air dry mask. DO NOT put in dryer or Iron
  3. If mask is used for long periods of time in dusty environments, wash daily. If used occasionally, with limited accumulation of dust/debris, wash weekly or monthly.